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The Value of Catholic Education

Stark County Catholic elementary and high schools offer:

  • Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in a common faith
  • A safe and disciplined environment
  • A balanced curriculum including art and music
  • Learning with a moral purpose – educating students to serve others and develop leadership
  • A high graduation rate (100%, 2011–2012)
  • Strong preparation for further education
  • Exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential
  • Good stewardship of resources


Studies show that Catholic schools are more likely to
present greater opportunities than public schools and produce
students who achieve higher academically overall.

Higher Academic Performance

  • In Catholic schools, the student achievement gap is smaller than in public schools.[1]
  • In Catholic schools, overall academic achievement is higher.[2]
  • In Catholic schools, student math scores improve between sophomore and senior years.[3]
  • Latino and African American students in Catholic schools are more likely to graduate from high school and college.[4]
  • The poorer and more at-risk a student is, the greater the relative achievement gains in Catholic schools.[5]

Better Attitude & Behavior

  • Catholic schools tend to operate as communities rather than bureaucracies, which links to higher levels of teacher commitment, student engagement, and student achievement.[6]
  • The Catholic school climate, mission, and purpose positively impact student achievement and attendance.[7]
  • Students with multiple disadvantages benefit most from Catholic schools.[8]

More Interest in Citizenship & Community

  • Catholic schools tend to produce graduates who are more civically engaged, more tolerant of diverse views, and more committed to service as adults.[9]
  • Graduates of Catholic high schools are more likely to vote.[10]
  • A faith-based orientation builds coherence and integration of schools and school community.[11]

Greater Opportunities for the Future

  • The total amount of College Scholarship money received by Stark County Catholic High School Students in 2012 is $10,096,661.00. With a total of 179 graduating seniors in 2012, this equates to an average of $56,406.00 per student. 
  • Graduates of Catholic high schools are more likely to earn higher wages.[12]


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