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Policies & Procedures

Clock and Lockers

Dismissal and Drop Off Procedures

7:45AM School doors open
7:55AM First Bell
8:00AM Class Begins
2:45PM Dismissal

Dress Code

Holy Cross believes that an appropriate dress code is important in educating our students. Our students are, therefore, required to wear a school uniform. Our students wear uniforms most days, unless it is a special occassion and students are permitted to be out of uniform.  Uniforms vary by campus. 

Regina Coeli Campus Uniform

Girls Uniform Requirements: Khaki or Navy Blue pants, Khaki,Navy or White green Plaid skirts, Polo Shirts in light blue, light yellow, white, navy.  Gym Uniforms are Navy shorts and sweats with white or navy T-Shirts.

Boys Uniform Requirements: Khaki or Navy Blue pants, dress shirts with a tie (Church Uniform), Polo shirts in light blue, light yellow, white or navy.

Gym Uniforms are Navy shorts and sweats with white or navy T-Shirts.

You can find our uniform at most clothing stores, such as: 
     JC Penneys
     Plus, Regina has our very own gently used uniform closet!

Any questions about uniforms please call the school office at 330-823-9239.

Snow Day Procedure

When Alliance City Schools are closed, Regina Coeli Campus is closed.