We are growing our faith together in every classroom, on every field and at every performance. Experience the Catholic difference today by taking a tour or shadowing for a day!
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Support our Campus

The entire Regina Coeli Campus community is committed to honoring our foundation of superior academics and Catholic faith formation.  

Every gift – Time, Talent or Treasure – truly impacts the children of Regina Coeli Campus. Funds generated through our donors and friends are applied to the school's top priorities. Our Home and School Association encourages family participation and provides a vibrant example of volunteerism to our students.

Regina Coeli and St. Joseph parishes want to make sure every practicing Catholic family is able to experience the overwhelming benefits of a Catholic education. Because our school receives no federal assistance, tuition is a necessity. A tax deductible, educational endowment foundation has been established at Regina Coeli Campus. The aim of the endowment is to furnish financial assistance in the form of tuition grants to practicing Catholic students attending or desiring to attend Regina Coeli Campus. Financial grants will be awarded strictly according to financial need determined by an independent third party source. This is to assure that awards of grants will go to those who are truly needy and truly practicing Catholics.

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Donate via Online Giving on the Holy Cross Academy website.  Also its never too late to learn about Getting Involved!